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Lorea M. Sample

coach | author | engineer


A Little on Lorea...

After my engagement ended in 2012, I was forced down a path of self-exploration and learned some hard truths about myself. As an engineer, I can be very analytical and fact-based in my thinking. While this mindset is a huge asset in my career, it has to be carefully managed, I learned, in my relationships with others and myself.

I began minding my intuition more and deconstructing my core beliefs. In turn, I was led to a place of accountability, learning, and unlearning unworthiness. I started sharing my journey to “Sacred Rebellion” and published my first book, Unlearning Unworthiness: Your Journey to Self-Love & Personal Development in 2017.

Between writing the book and sharing my experiences on stage, I recognized my life’s calling to help women embody a life they love one sacred choice at a time...

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