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About Ya Girl, Lorea...

As an Engineer, Speaker, Board Certified Professional Coach, Founder of The Fulfilled Collective, and author of the 2017 release of Unlearning Unworthiness: Your Journey to Becoming Intentional About Self-Love & Personal Development, Lorea Sample, has become known as one of the bold voices on behalf of trailblazing women who are seeking to elevate their lives through finding their happy and self-mastery.


The year 2012 was a pivotal moment in my life. It started with the engagement to the man I’d thought I’d spend the rest of my life with coming to an abrupt ending. To say I felt broken would be an understatement. From that place of hurt and shame, I became very critical of myself—in some ways unhealthy, but in other ways very necessary.

As an engineer, my brain’s default is far more dominant in the left side. I can be very analytical, methodical, and fact-based in my thinking. Whatever “it” is, it has to make sense for me as much on paper as it does in my head. While this mindset is a huge asset in my career, it has to be carefully managed, I learned, in my relationships with others and myself.

I began to become more balanced in my approach to my life and myself, which led me to engage more with my heart and intuition instead of being fully cerebral. I began deconstructing my beliefs around femininity, spirituality, and money, for instance, inquiring where those beliefs came from and whether they were hurting me more than they were helping me.

I also realized that, though I was doing a great job of mothering my grieving and healing process, I was ready to move on. My need for assistance in healing and moving forward with my life led me to a place of accountability, learning, and unlearning unworthiness. It’s true: Sometimes everything has to fall apart before it can (rightfully) come together.


I sold my house, resigned from my 10-year position with the State of South Carolina, resigned from the ministerial position I had at the church, and moved over 200 miles up the highway to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Prior to the heartbreak and the move, I didn’t choose myself much. Afterwards, however, I shifted into a life that I call "Sacred Rebellion," where I'm learning to choose myself in every way, every day. Though I previously considered myself a private person, I started sharing my experiences—on stage, online, one-on-one, and on paper. 

In 2017, I published my first book, Unlearning Unworthiness: Your Journey to Self-Love & Personal Development. The feedback from the book and my testimony in general solidified my mission of helping women embody a life they love one sacred choice at a time.

Learn more about my work and how it can serve you, right here, at 

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