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I Have a Problem with (Some) Married Women.

Yes, I have a problem with married women, SOME married women. Some. Yes, I do. I saw what I have termed to be a "typical response" from a married woman about single women. It was a blanket statement of sorts and just an unjust generalization. What am I talking about? I know.....I felt you through the screen. Ok, so it went a lil' sumthin' like dis......there was a picture of a married woman who was giving her husband a pedicure because this was part of her way of showing her gratitude towards her husband for being the priest, provider, protector and problem solver of the home. "Awwww, that's so tweet!", I thought, but then my bliss of mushiness was rudely interrupted by the woman who posted the picture's comment. Just no manners! Paraphrasing, she said that if anyone had a problem with what the woman in the picture was doing for her husband she pretty much could guarantee that they were bitter and SINGLE. SINGLE. Yes, SINGLE.

Aight, this may be plausible, in fact, highly plausible but there's something I believe some married women fail to remember, consider and realize; bitterness is a disease that can affect ANY woman. Bitterness is an equal-opportunity disease. That demon is no respecter of persons. Married or single, a woman who has not dealt with her own soul-sickness is subject to become victim of the crime to humanity committed by bitterness.

So why are single women always the default group of these type of accusations from some married women? Because as I have said before, there are some women who have believed their own hype of their "stock" in the world being increased with the attainment of the Golden Ring; Marriage. However, I know some who have attained 3 Rings, as in a circus, because they've discovered that marriage was more than just something to be checked off of their life list of achievement. Not too long ago, I had someone tell me that all that I would be was alone, in my house, with my dog. They said this to intentionally hurt me because the only thing in life that they have that I don't have is a husband. I kinda chuckled and thought, "Awww, poor ting, ting. I'll let you have that because that's literally your only trump card". However, I know for a fact that they are married and STRUGGLING, but somehow in her mind she believed that being a wife made her "better" than me.

Ok, back to the point at hand. I know married women that would have an issue serving their husbands. Real talk. There are a lot of broken married women in the world and from this single woman's heart I say to them, the key to healing and unifying is not by generalizing the thoughts and behavior of any group of women, in this case, single women, but in looking within and realizing we ALL share a common thread in our womanness. If you continue to segment womanhood in this way and neglect to see the value in just being a woman, you miss the opportunity to create healthy women all around. There are some married women who need what this single woman possesses and vice versa.

A woman's ability to appreciate serving the one she loves is not predicated upon which box she checks off when she files her taxes. It's dependant upon the wholeness of her soul and her ability to love without regret. When one woman is healed, we all are healed. I want to see women healed, married or single. I want to see women sharing and encouraging from their position of power on their journey, not leaving some to themselves on the yellow-brick road to gawk at as they stare down from their pedestals. So to the Some Married Women out there, I implore you, consider your mindset's effect on single women because Some of Us have been muted and turned off into silence because of this pseudo-elite position that you've chosen to take. We love you, but we see you too. Fa real, fa real.



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