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How to "Look Like" You've Got It All Together!

You dress to the tee. You almost always get compliments on your purse or your hair or your makeup. You own your own home. Your car is paid off. You are faithful do your commitments. You practically live at the US Patent and Trademark office because you have such great things to say that you know better not to trademark EVERYTHING you say. You've got the degree(s) and the career. You even own a buiness or two on the side. In other words,


What you don't know is I just described myself....kinda aim IS to become a household name at the US Patent and Trademark Office, though! Um, hmm, yup. When I started listing those things I must admit I was like, "The girl is BAD!", but I digress. The point of that "list" is that I "look like" I have it all together, right? I think so. What you don't know is that I DON'T! Not remotely, not kinda-sorta, not by any stretch of the imagination. If it wasn't for God having mercy on me day-in and day-out, you'd probably see the image of a hood version of Pippi Longstocking with natural hair.....hey, at least I'd be "coming into your town" and I'd be "fun to be around" *pout, shoulder shrug*. Just look up the lyrics of her theme song....she wasn't that bad, but I digress, again.

The point is there's always that "something" that makes a person like me, like you, like him, like her, look like they have it all together. The reality for real, for real is that we, us, have/are struggling with something most/all of the time, that if you knew, would make us look...HUMAN. I can be labeled as "having it all together" quite often and it makes me cringe everytime I hear it!

Check this out: I got a FB inbox message not too long ago in which I was asked, "How do you do it? You have everything so organized!" Seems like a simple enough Q&A, right? Not! That question has so many layers, but the one that I wanted to focus on in this post is that I am no different from anyone else. What she saw was something in me that was inspiring, but I could feel that she felt it was a bit out of her reach and that bothered me.

I just chose to BE different, so that I could DO differently.

I'm not different just for different's sake, but because I choose to see myself differently. This is all a part of UNlearning UNworthiness. The non-secret is that Confidence comes with this process. You have a knowing that in your BEing, DOing you is the only option there is because it is authentic; it's the truth. That's what she and others see; it's a rare truth. It doesn't make you "perfect" or "have it all together" but there is an anointing (that word isn't just for church folks, *wink*) that literally covers your being because you're operating in Truth.

So, unfortunatley you'll just have to be mad at me for not releasing some new revelation from on high because the truth is you already have the goods. You awaken what was lying dorment on the inside when you are processed by UNlearning UNworthiness. Make the choice to BE different so that you can DO differently because the integrity of your worth will be amplified and upgraded when you do! *pouts lips, drops the mic & exits stage left*

Lol, the US Patent & Trademark Office is going to LOOOOOVE me!



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