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This workshop is for you if:

- Are a woman looking to expand her lifestyle to embody all of who she is. No more adjusting for other people's comfort.

- Desire to transform your life, business, or career by being YOU but you need help getting past your stinkin' thinkin'!

- Doing things YOUR way is getting in THE way of your DREAM way of BEING.

- Are clear that you are worthy of investing in your transformation now so that you can start living a life that you love NOW!

- You know that growth within a community of like-minded women isn't only something that you want, but you know you NEED. Women that aren't just about the "woo woo", but the "DO-DO" with love!

By now, this should be an EASY yes for and I'm just as excited to fast track and supercharge your big belief in YOU!

facilitated by Lorea M. Sample

Coach | Author | Engineer



Registration is currently closed.

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