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Ready to move forward into your happy place now? Great! A 90-minute, 1-on-1 power session with Coach Lorea is just the plan for you! Together, we will partner up to address your biggest life goal/challenge in need of guidance and clarity. A pre-consultation questionnaire will be emailed to you once you have schedule your session. Your power session will be conducted either by phone or Zoom.  

"What you want is to get clear on you...

the strategy for success will then flow.."

- Lorea M. Sample


My philosophy on gaining clarity on your life and happiness is quite simple: Once you get clear on you, everything else just flows. Inside, we all know what to do. The thing about life is, there are times when we need some help to peel back the layers to get to what we always knew was there. This is what a Power Strategy Session is like with Coach Lorea - focused, intentional questions, personalized answers, and meditation for focused strategy creation for increased revenue results.


After a Power Strategy Session with Coach Lorea you will leave with:

  • Clarity on next step actions to take to help achieve your specified goal(s) outlined from the pre-session questionnaire .

  • Confidence that your core values will be in alignment with your vision of happiness and who you want to be.

  • Courage through understanding and designing practical lifestyle actions and tools to support your personal transformation and to sustain it.

  • Conference calls recorded and placed in your email box to go over the session and take notes for anything that may have been missed during the live session, and branded downloadable worksheets designed with you and your goals in mind.



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